" A man who forgets where he came from doesn't know where he is going"
James and Rodney leigh grew up in rural Virginia, in a time when honesty, integrity and hard work meant something. Faith, family and country were values instilled in them at a young age, as were a commitment to excellence.
Here at Metro Mechanical, we still believe that a job isn't worth doing if it isn't worth doing right. When you contract us for your heating, cooling and refrigeration needs, you can trust that you are going to get top-notch service at the right price, from technicians who are neat, prompt, professional and courteous. As our customer, you have a right to expect nothing less than our very best and that is what you will get.
Metro has the expertise, the connections and the resources to handle the big commercial and Industrial jobs but we have never forgotten where we came from. Our small town roots are the source of our good old-fashioned values of hard work, dedication and customer service. You will get that same commitment whether we are replacing a 100 ton commercial rooftop unit or fixing the Air Conditioning unit in the back yard of your home. That's our pledge to you.