Customized Maintenace contracts
Metro Mechanical can created a customized annual maintenace contract for you!
Here is how it works- First, an MM tech will arrive at your site and do an in-depth site analysis of your equipment's current condition and will present you with a report summary of the same. This report will include suggestions on bringing your site into the greatest possible state of efficiency.
This inspection and report will be provided at a reasonable cost to you, commensurate with the size of your facility and the scope of equipment to be surveyed.
Next, based on the results of the survey and your needs, you and Metro can decide if an annual maintenace agreement is right for you. Depending on the specific plan you choose, metro may be able to waive part or all of the cost of your initial inspection.
Among the reasons, a maintenance plan might be right for you;
  1. Significant energy savings due to equipment running at peak efficiency
  2. Lower capital expenditures due to longer equipment life
  3. Decreased down-time and lower repair costs due to problems found early
  4. Plan for future replacement costs by knowing the condition of your equipment

Contact Metro about an annual maintenance contract today!